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Welcome to FES Tanzania

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Africa Tomorrow  

Africa Tomorrow |

Rebalancing an unbalanced relationship

For a government which stresses that FOCAC – the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation – is not about demanding handouts from China, South Africa has a remarkably long wish list from the FOCAC summit which takes place in Sandton in a fortnight.

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Tweeting against the wall of Jericho

"Africa Rising", "African Uprising" or "Africa is not such a good place to invest in –there’s a lot of risk."? The recent Bloomberg’s Africa Business Media Innovators Conference in Johannesburg caused controversial debates on the African growth and investment scenario. The power of social media and the role of the informal sector in the overall economy were major points of discussion.

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Tanzania Today  

Tanzania Today |

Uhuru Day gala with a difference!

For the first time in the country’s history, Tanzania will mark its 54th Independence Anniversary without pomp and fanfare on December 9 as it has been in the past instead, the people have been told to engage in nationwide cleanliness campaign aimed at checking re-occurrence of cholera and other filthborne maladies, President John Magufuli has directed.

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Tanzania Today |

Sino-Tanzania trade heads to historical high

The amount of trading of Sino-Tanzania is fractional of the amount traded for China- Africa of 200 million US dollars last year. The economist said though the trade increased but it is in favour of China and his country pays high attention on promoting balanced trade.

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FES Tanzania  

FES Tanzania |

Launch of the African Media Barometer - Tanzania 2015

This morning, November 18th, FES Tanzania Office, in cooperation with MISA, launches the fifth edition of the African Media Barometer for Tanzania at The Holiday Inn Hotel in Dar Es Salaam.

Besides the presentation of the key findings of this recent AMB, an open discussion is hold on the "Tanzanian Media Landscape after the Election of 2015”.

The audience is, amongst others, comprised of representatives from the media, civil society organisations and different diplomatic missions in Tanzania.

Here you can find out more about the African Media Barometer project.

Access the full text of the African Media Barometer Tanzania 2015 here.

AMB panel members at the launch of the African Media Barometer - Tanzania 2015